Blockchain-based stem cell industry
Medical technology is developing rapidly. Keep stem cells safe for life to prepare for various diseases and aging that may occur in the future. Also, The process of storing and distributing stem cells is fused with blockchain technology.
We are leading the future of stem cell therapy.
'Texas S&W Bio Tech' is based on its unique technology and research in the field of cosmetic, skin care and pain treatment, and was founded based on the belief to open a new therapeutic field in the medical industry by using stem cells, which are attracting attention as the core growth engine for the next generation.
Cell Bank in San Antonio, Texas U.S.A
As a result of continuous studies on cell cryopreservation conditions, cell cryopreservatives, and freezing temperatures, it was confirmed that cell growth and characteristics were maintained even after freezing. It is a key technology in cell banking as a measure of the technology and stability of stem cell storage.
'Texas S&W Bio Tech' Core technology
High-efficiency separation and identification of stem cells and immune cells in blood, fat, umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood, and teeth. Optimal differentiation induction and verification using adult stem cells, possessing technology. Operate the best cell bank by possessing differentiated culture, analysis, and storage technology for each cell type and use