Blockchain has sparked a wave of innovation and confused major industries. In this trend of change, the difficulties and technical challenges we face are still disturbing us. In response, FNPWorks wants to turn the challenge of solving problems in major industries into opportunities as a core technology for the fourth industry.
FNPWorks considers two values for all businesses. The First is whether production and manufacturing which are the basis of all industries, can be taken as basic values, and the second is whether they have flexible and continuous value according to the composition and change of the population. 
FNPWORKS improves the factors that violate freedom of expression and privacy. FNP VPN provides a faster, freer, cheaper, safer Internet environment.
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Mindstem (MDS) Project was created to apply blockchain technology to liberate humans from disease and aging. We are developing MDS in cooperation with 'Texas S&W Bio Tech' so that it can be used in various fields such as medical, skincare, health, and leisure. MDS Project puts stem cell storage and anti-aging skincare services as top priorities. In addition, the partnership is increasing so that hotels, leisure facilities, and travel around the world can be used using MDS.


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      Continuum Platform :

              World`s first blockchain linking

            the production and distribution

            of COFFEE BEANS from guatemala,

            honduras and el salvadors


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aster, freer, cheaper and safer

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